Uluwatu Temple in Bali

The Uluwatu Temple is a quintessential Balinese experience. Sure, it may be swarming with tourists but for good reason. The sights from this temple are breathtaking and the temple, with its hidden alleyways, is quite an experience.

Sunset is the best time to go as you can watch the sun slowly dipping into the horizon. The traditional Balinese dance – Kecak, which depicts the epic Ramayana – is performed every evening at sunset. Frankly, I would have preferred to skip the Kecak. I found it too long and would have preferred to have spent my time exploring the temple grounds.

A word of caution: There are plenty of monkeys in the temple grounds that have no qualms about grabbing anything they can get their hands on so do not leave your cameras, sunglasses and purses unattended.

Here are some of my favourite photos at Uluwatu:

If you’re in shorts or a short skirt, you’re required to put on a sarong, which the temple officials provide.
One of the pavilions in the temple grounds. 
Our guide, Wayan, leads us through the alleyways. 


The perfect postcard shot of Uluwatu. 
Also a great spot for group photos. 
The public is sometimes not allowed into the pavilions if private puja sessions are going on. 
Very pretty indeed.
The auditorium on the cliff at the other end of the temple grounds. 
Crowds gather early in wait of the performance. 
The beginning of the Kecak dance. 
The sun slowly sinks into the Indian Ocean. This is a truly beautiful sight. 



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