My Sydney favourites

So I’m not quite done with Sydney (actually, I don’t think I ever will). For some strange reason, and of all the cities I’ve visited, Sydney has managed to capture my heart like no other city has.

In this post I bring to you a pictorial of all my favourites in Sydney. Enjoy!

Picture 1186.jpg
The iconic Cola-Cola billboard in Kings Cross
Picture 1185.jpg
Kings Cross where I stayed the first time. Many people warned me about staying here but to be honest, I felt as safe as I would have been anywhere in Sydney. 
Picture 1210.jpg
The El-Alamein fountain
Picture 1226.jpg
The Australian Museum
Picture 1327.jpg
The Pyrmont Bridge in Cockle Bay. This was on Australia Day, just before the fireworks started. 
Picture 1382.jpg
The magnificent Harbour Bridge, sometimes also called the Coat Hanger
Picture 1399.jpg
The Museum of Contemporary Art
I absolutely love this photo of this meerkat keeping watch in Taronga Zoo. This is one of the best zoos I’ve visited. All the animals seem so happy. If you have kids (or if you’re a kid at heart), you should not miss this. 
No trip to Australia would be complete without seeing its national icon. I even ate roo steak. They were rather good. 
I have an irrational fear of birds so having this emu so close to me was frightening to say the least!
Picture 1583.jpg
The chic Paddington suburb
Picture 1608.jpg
The colourful Oxford Street. The Darlinghurst Bookshop here is my favourite bookshop in the whole world!
Picture 1743.jpg
The Royal Botanic Garden. A picnic here is a must!
Picture 1788.jpg
The Harbour Bridge and the Opera House from the Royal Botanic Garden. I sat on one of the benches and had myself a sandwich as I looked out at this view. 
Mrs Macquarie’s Chair. Sat on it for good luck!
The Opera House at dusk – another favourite photo!
Picture 1890.jpg
Lady Bay Beach near Watsons Bay, and yes, in case you were wondering, I did take my kit off! #yolo
Gap Bluff -absolutely breathtaking, isn’t it? I was told that this is a popular place for suicides. 
Picture 1952.jpg
Bondi Junction
Picture 1975.jpg
St Mary’s Cathedral. This is such a stunning building. I walked around it and could not stop taking photographs. 
Sydney Harbour National Park, en route to Obelisk Beach. Simply gorgeous on a sunny day. 
The Three Sisters. Well, this may not exactly be in Sydney but it’s about three hours away and should not be missed, if you ask me. 
The Blue Mountains National Parks. The hiking trails here are phenomenal and the views are just second to none!



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