Flying Singapore Airlines to Tokyo (Haneda)

SQ 634 – SIN-HND (8 Dec 2016) and SQ 635 – HND-SIN (13 Dec 2016)

Additional sectors: KUL-SIN (SQ 107) and SIN-KUL (SQ 106)

It was my third flight on Singapore Airlines and what I’ve come to expect from them time and time again is exceptional service.

This time was no different. As I boarded the first (of four) flight in Kuala Lumpur, what immediately caught my attention was the hollies above the windows. This was the first time I had ever seen such a thing on an aircraft and while I’m not big on Christmas, I thought it was a very nice festive touch. The crew on board the KUL-SIN flight were extremely pleasant and the senior flight attendants even joked around with me, and nothing about their demeanour felt forced or disingenuous.

The hollies above the windows added to the festive cheer.

My next leg was the flight to Haneda. Before the meal service began, passengers were offered a welcome drink and presented with a festive menu for our lunch on the flight. The options were baked salmon or pork curry for mains.

Singapore Airlines’ festive menu for 2016

I could not decide which to choose as they both sounded delicious. My decision was then made for me as they had run out of the pork curry. The salmon was nice and flaky albeit a little bland but I suppose it was because of cabin pressure. The vegetable slaw was crunchy while the chicken slices were not overly dry. My favourite part was the dessert – cubes of ice-cream enveloped in decadent milk chocolate. Overall a really good meal.

Salmon lunch
Cubes of chocolate-coated ice-cream. Very nice!

The return flight departed Haneda at 10.50pm and the first food service of the flight was a choice between a teriyaki chicken bun or a dorayaki (sweet read bean) pancake. I choose the dorayaki, having already had a heavy meal before departure.

About two hours before touch down, the breakfast service began. This time the choices were simmered rockfish or braised egg noodles with chicken.

The breakfast menu

I had settled on the noodles when the flight attendant apologetically informed me that they had run out. So the simmered rockfish it was. The sauce was sweet and complemented the rockfish very nicely. The vegetables had a nice crunch to them in spite of being prepared much earlier. I did, however, find the quantity of the rice to be a bit too much for so early in the morning. Still, it was a pleasant meal.

Simmered rockfish with season vegetables and steamed rice

On all four sectors, service was impeccable – cordial and professional. Additional requests for eye shades, ear plugs and even to refill my water tumbler were executed very quickly, efficiently and always with a smile. There is a certain je ne sais quoi about the Singapore Airlines’ cabin crew. I’m pleased to note that since my first flight with SQ in 2006, the service has remained top-notch. It is no wonder that they’re one of the world’s leading carriers.


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